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  1. Page/elements/foot vs footer
  2. ============================
  3. ``page/elements/footer`` is the content that goes inside this part of the page:
  4. .. code-block:: html
  5. <div class="elgg-page-footer">
  6. <div class="elgg-inner">
  7. <!-- page/elements/footer goes here -->
  8. </div>
  9. </div>
  10. It's content is visible to end users and usually where you would put a sitemap or other secondary global navigation, copyright info, powered by elgg, etc.
  11. ``page/elements/foot`` is inserted just before the ending ``</body>`` tag and is mostly meant as a place to insert scripts that don't already work with ``elgg_register_js(array('location' => 'footer'));`` or ``elgg_require_js('amd/module');``. In other words, you should never override this view and probably don't need to extend it either. Just use the ``elgg_*_js`` functions instead